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Brielmaier Motor mowers

Where others give up ...

... a Brielmaier is just getting started. While that sounds like your typical advertising slogan, it sums up our strong points. Extremely steep mountainsides, difficult highway slopes, demanding protected landscapes, or sensitive grassland or marsh areas – Brielmaier machines make your work easier, safer, and more efficient. And sometimes, they are what makes it possible in the first place.


For specific information on the wide range of applications for our mowing technology, go to "Brielmaier in action", or simply follow the links. For contractors, service providers, municipalities, or in alpine farming or renaturation projects: The more challenging the task, the more we love to solve it!

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News & initiatives at brielmaier

Brielmaier motor mowers are not only at home in the mountains!


Brielmaier motor mowers are not only at home in the mountains!

At the end of May, brielmaier machines were able to demonstrate what they are capable of away from the mountains during the first demo tour in Belgium.MEHR

Retrospect on the Day of the Open Landscape


Retrospect on the "Day of the Open Landscape"

Around 90 guests experienced live at the "Open Landscape Day" how the new Brielmaier product line for landscape conservation enables complete workflows on wetlands.MEHR

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In action

What we can do...

Get a first impression of what we can do, and learn about the wide variety of our applications in this video!