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One machine – many options

The hydraulic concept makes the Brielmaier motor mower extremely versatile. Many devices available on the market can be adapted and equipped with a hydraulic drive.

Brielmaier mowers are universal equipment carriers that can, in only a few minutes, be converted for a number of other applications using various attachments. From raking, haymaking, and rotary mowing to sweepers for winter services...

Attachments & accessories


Here you can see some examples of the most popular attachments. Various others have been custom-made or produced in limited numbers. If you have any special wishes or requirements, don't hesitate to ask us!

  • Mulcher


    Perfect for tough jobs in municipal spaces...

    Especially for municipal jobs, our customers want reliable, powerful mulchers that can deal with all kinds of terrain and still handle safely on slopes and hillsides.

    We offer three configurations which, in combination with our two additional powerful base machines, display Brielmaier's typical advantages: safety, slope suitability, efficiency and easy handling.


    The 1.25 m mulcher is available as the standard machine with Y knives, and as a variant with a flap for easier mulching of shrubs. The third option is a mulcher with a 1.60 m gauge and shackle knives.

  • Hill-Rake


    Newly developed rake for collecting or turning fodder on steep hillsides

    Selection of clockwise/anticlockwise rotation via clutch lever - the machine can always move forwards

    Always moving on cleared ground - very good grip especially on steep slopes

    Attached to Brielmaier hydraulic mower with quick changeover system

    Available gauges: 180 cm, 200 cm, 240 cm

  • Rake tedder


    Front rake tedder with three pairs of teeth

    Attached to Brielmaier hydraulic mower with quick changeover system

    180 cm gauge

    Standard synchronous steering system permits steering base machine via rake tedder's steering bar

    Version available with pendulum wheels

    Air tires

  • Hay pusher


    Attached to Brielmaier hydraulic mower with quick changeover system

    Gauge between 160 cm and 240 cm

  • Front sweeper FKM 1250 H


    Attached to Brielmaier hydraulic mower with quick changeover system

    125 cm gauge, roller wheel diameter 35 cm

    Hydraulic drive, running wheels height-adjustable with 1 spindle each

    Side sweeper attachment 40 cm Ø, height-adjustable, powered via sweeper drive shaft

    Dirt collector

  • Snow blower Bittante


    Attached to Brielmaier hydraulic mower with quick changeover system

    The cost-efficient option

  • Snow blower Zaugg


    Attached to Brielmaier hydraulic mower with quick changeover system

    The professional snow blower for communal services

  • Snowplough


    Attached to Brielmaier hydraulic mower with quick changeover system

    Hydraulic pivoting, gauge 160 cm

    Rubber scraper bar

  • Proportional valves


    Cutter bars or other pieces of equipment attached to a Brielmaier motor mower are activated using the button "Equipment Drive ON". With the standard on/off valve, the activation is prompt and immediate.

    When a proportional valve (pressure control valve DRV or flow control valve QRV) is installed, pressing the button "Equipment Drive ON" for longer (> 1 s) before releasing it soft-starts the attachment within 6 seconds.

    A proportional pressure control valve allows an infinitely variable adjustment of the overload protection, default setting 220 bar (max. possible 250 bar), down to 0 bar and back up.

    With a proportional flow control valve, it is possible to run pieces of equipment with different translations at their optimal individual speed.

  • Radio remote control


    With the HBC radiomatic remote control, all important functions of the Brielmaier motor mower and its attachments can be conveniently controlled from a distance of up to 150 meters.

    It makes your work so much easier to get away from the heat, exhaust fumes, vibrations and noise!

    Also available with LCD display and data transmission from the mower to the operating unit.

  • LED headlights


    The working headlight is installed on the side of the hydraulic oil reservoir.

    For applications that require better lighting, we offer a traverse with four working headlights, which is installed above the hydraulic oil reservoir.

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