Brielmaier Motormäher - Motormäher

Here's where the difference starts ...

Our base machine is the starting point for every Brielmaier configuration – and right here you have the first fundamental principles that make your work easier, safer, and more efficient.

All Brielmaier mowers use the same chassis, the same hub motor, the same hydraulics, the same operating unit. A low center of gravity guarantees optimal handling and safety on slopes.

You can choose between four different gas engines:

13 kW/18 hp

14 kW/19 hp injection engine

18 kW/25 hp

19.5 kW/26.5 hp injection engine

Standard equipment of every Brielmaier mower:

  • Base machine with hydraulic drive
  • Quick-fastener for flexible switching of attachments
  • Oil separator
  • Kohler engine, 4-stroke gas engine
  • Infinitely variable drive
  • Steered by a turnable handle on the handlebar
  • Push-buttons for short-time reversing
  • Indicator/monitor for engine oil temperature
  • Operating hours counter
  • Infinitely variable speed reduction while braking the wheels
  • E-Starter
  • Synchronous steering for rake tedder
  • Easy inversion of rotating direction of attachments
  • Electronic battery charger

High-tech, robust, and reliable

Brielmaier's unique combination of hydraulics and electronics offers a number of advantages for the operation of our powerful machines.

Ergonomic, safe, and clever

  • Ergonomic design with all control elements near the handles.
  • Long working life and smooth operation thanks to robust electronics
  • Safe, simple, and logical control and steering concepts.
  • All functions available from the handlebar without coupling while moving.
  • Easy maneuvering of the mower without physical effort.

The central cockpit

Our control center. All information at a glance. The LED display shows information on direction of travel, speed level, speed level micro-adjustment, and the attached equipment. Certain settings have menus for adjusting parameters, e.g. the pressure values for the equipment drive between 100 % and 0 %.

The machine, the attached equipment, and the working headlight are started via a plastic foil keyboard. These are functions you don't need while working – all other functions are available on the steering bar without letting go of the handles!

Safety tip: Use a lanyard to fix the inductive ignition key to your clothes, e.g. your waistband, so that the key is pulled out if you trip or fall over. This will stop the machine and the attachment immediately. Mechanical pins engaging in the holes of brake disks secure the machine against rolling forwards or backwards!

Left Hand

The dead man's switch must remain pressed during operation. Letting go of it will stop the machine in the manner described above. Another feature for maximum safety, especially on hillsides!

The push-buttons on this side control the speed level and the direction. These controls feature a number of clever functions. Pressing the "Direction" button briefly switches between "BACKWARD/FORWARD". Pressing and holding changes the direction as long as the button is held. Releasing the button changes the direction back to the original setting - perfect for maneuvering!

The "electronic clutch lever" allows soft starts and an infinitely variable regulation of the speed – without a wear-prone clutch in the background.

Right Hand

Using the turnable steering handle is easy and intuitive. Gently and accurately, the mower follows the direction of the handle. To turn the machine on the spot, turn the handle as far as it will go.

On this side you can find a push-button for calling up a menu that shows values such as the current engine speed, oil temperature, or number of working hours. Other buttons are for adjusting values, e.g. the oil quantity, or the pressure of the equipment drive.

A highlight: The push-buttons on the right resp. left side of the turnable steering handle set the so-called trim. This means that the distribution of the oil flow is adjusted in such a way that a certain radius is pre-programmed, deliberately giving the machine a slight uphill twist. This function is so finely tuned that it is possible to move straight ahead on a slope without any physical effort at all, except for stopping! One of many features you will find only in Brielmaier products...