Brielmaier Motormäher - Stachelwalze

Ingenious wheels for your benefit ...

Brielmaier patented studded roller wheels combine so many advantages that by now more than 95 % of our customers choose these innovative aluminum roller wheels - in a configuration that is perfectly adapted for their individual purposes.

On slopes, the exchangeable plastic studs provide maximum footing. In marsh areas, they improve grip and propulsion. The large contact areas of the aluminum drums minimize the pressure on the ground, making the machine easy on the sward.

Six different sizes guarantee the perfect roller wheel for every field of application. An extremely robust variant with metal studs instead of plastic ones is optionally available - being able to virtually "claw" into the ground, it provides maximum grip especially on rocky terrains.

Rubber tires

Not everyone has steep mountainsides or boggy marshes to mow. For more "harmless" applications, Brielmaier mowers are of course always available with simple rubber tires. We offer standard tires 5.00 x 12“, Terra tires 23 x 10,5 x 12“ for light slopes, or twin wheels consisting of two of the narrower tires. For some applications, a combination of tires and studded roller wheels is recommended.