Brielmaier Motormäher - Motormäher

Cutting width 6 meters, with two base machines

  • Double-knife cutter bar with an effective cutting width of 6 meters
  • Two base machines moving one cutter bar
  • Intelligent Duo control: The user operates one machine while the second one is electronically synchronized
  • Any existing Brielmaier machines can be combined into a Duo system with the 6-meter bar
  • Radio remote control optionally available
  • Maximum area capacity: about 3 to 4 ha/hour – extremely time-saving
  • Easy operation thanks to intelligent electronic control
  • No leverage effect, even with an effective mowing width of 6 meters
  • No concentration and physical effort besides walking and steering
  • Maximum safety and stability - even and especially on steep slopes
  • Extreme ground adaptation – easy mowing on uneven terrain
  • Many additional options for electronic control
  • Perfect for mountain farmers, landscape protection, and reed-grown areas

Efficiency and ground conservation

More than 50 % faster than conventional machines - considerably higher area capacity of about 3 to 4 ha/hour
35 % less weight per meter of cutting width than a 2 meter cutter bar - safe and ground-friendly

Secondary machine electronically controlled by master machine

either machine can be set up as master)

Extreme ground adaptation

Works even with the machines twisted against each other, flexible cutter bar adapts to the ground


No leverage effect even with an extreme mowing width of 6 meters

The two machines stabilize each other

The machine that has the better grip at that time supports the system

No physical support required, easy steering "with two fingers"