Brielmaier Motormäher - Motormäher

Bidux double knives for the best cut

We use exclusively the sturdy Bidux double-knife portal cutter bars. Thanks to their adjustable working pressure, their service life is two or even three times that of standard cutters.

With a quick-change system, they are easily installed on or removed from the Brielmaier base machine. Cutter bars up to 235 cm use swing-arm drives, while cutter bars longer than 260 cm are equipped with a lateral eccentric drive.

The smaller sizes are very flexible when it comes to navigating around shrubbery, corners, or through narrow passages. When your main concern is area capacity, your option of choice is one of our wide or ultra-wide aluminum cutter bars.

For years, we have been the only manufacturer to offer 2.60 m, 3.00 m and 3.50 cutter bars, which are well-known for their highly efficient operation on slopes. As of this season, a 4.30 m cutter bar is also available. More area capacity is hardly imaginable – unless you opt for a Brielmaier Duo 6 with a gauge of - believe it or not - 6 meters...