Brielmaier Motormaeher im Einsatz

Better on steep mountainsides, safer on slopes, more ground-friendly in wetlands, to say nothing of efficiency...

We started out with mowers for mountainous terrains. First and foremost, these had to be easy to use, safe and reliable. With our basic concept - parallel construction, hydraulic drive, lowest possible center of gravity, and wheels that are copied even by our competitors - we have created a product that today is a recognized benchmark for premium mowers.

With a Brielmaier machine, you can mow steeper slopes with less effort, and, thanks to our wide cutter bars, work a larger area in less time.

This also gives us an edge with communal work, where excellent operational safety is just as important as efficiency.

With protected landscapes or marsh areas, things are different – but a Brielmaier mower will find ways that otherwise would be extremely challenging, or simply not accessible.

The 6-meter Duo technology sets benchmarks for efficiency that leave machines from far higher price ranges looking outdated.

What all our machines have in common: With a Brielmaier, our customers can tackle tasks that previously could only be done with great difficulty, at high risk, or not at all.

Mowing, raking, cultivating in places others can’t reach. Even more efficient. And safer.