Mowing slopes - be on the safe side!

Highways, railroad embankments, canals, levees, or other communal areas with steep slopes: Brielmaier machines with different attachments are known for their efficiency, reliability, and outstanding safety.
Our machines are an economic choice for contractors - but municipalities using their own machines will also appreciate the operational safety and the intuitive handling that requires only quick and basic instructions for their workers.

Cutter bar in seven width options, various mulcher types, wheels for every application, all kinds of rakes and tedders, winter equipment, and a wide choice of accessories that leaves (almost) nothing to be desired complete our range of products...

Product videos

See for yourelf ...

  • Brielmaier Motormaeher - Produktvideo

    Brielmaier Duo 6 and 3.50 m on the mountainside

    Brielmaier's flagship, the Duo 6, in action on a mountainside. Also quite at home: The 3.50-m bar.

  • Brielmaier Motormaeher - Produktvideo

    The Brielmaier Duo 6 on a 112% slope

    Can you believe it? On 110 % slopes, the Duo 6 is the most stable mower ever! See for yourself...

  • Brielmaier Motormaeher - Produktvideo

    Brielmaier mower with four different mulchers

    Powerful mulchers: Various gauges and knife variants, perfect for road maintenance or undergrowth.

What our customers say

Speaking from practical experience

  • effizienter-und-sicherer.jpg
    «There is no safer and more efficient way to do our job than with Brielmaier machines.»

    Eberhard Weis, Regional Board Freiburg, Brielmaier customer since 1998 Regierungspräsidium Freiburg