A Brielmaier won't get swamped –
not even in the marshes

With their patented studded roller wheels, large contact area, and robust technology, Brielmaier mowers are always the best choice for wet and swampy terrain. And sometimes the only option.

Our patented seven- and nine-row stubbed roller wheels guarantee an especially broad distribution of the machine's weight - which is low to begin with - while at the same time providing safe propulsion. Especially for wetlands, often there is just no serious alternative!

Videos in landscape conservation areas

See for yourself ...

  • Brielmaier Motormaeher - Produktvideo

    Brielmaier Duo 6 and 3.50 m on the mountainside

    Brielmaier's flagship, the Duo 6, in action on a mountainside. Also quite at home: The 3.50-m bar.

  • Brielmaier Motormaeher - Produktvideo

    The Brielmaier Duo 6 on a 112% slope

    Can you believe it? On 110 % slopes, the Duo 6 is the most stable mower ever! See for yourself...

  • Brielmaier Motormaeher - Produktvideo

    Brielmaier mower with four different mulchers

    Powerful mulchers: Various gauges and knife variants, perfect for road maintenance or undergrowth.

What our customers say

Speaking from practical experienc

  • renaturierung.jpg
    «Without Brielmaier machines, I couldn't have accepted this project.»

    Eike Schön-Petersen, head of a renaturation project in the German Federal Land of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern