Exemplary ground conservation thanks to unique technology

Places that were considered lost, or not workable with conventional methods, become once more efficiently accessible with Brielmaier machines.

Our patented seven-and nine-row studded roller wheels have a contact area that is almost incredible. What's more, Brielmaier mowers are lighter than comparable machines anyway – if you can even speak of "comparable" here. Because no-one beats us when it comes to overall ground pressure quality. Practical experience has shown that our large-volume wheels are the gentler alternative, especially when compared with crawler-type mowers.

Videos in landscape conservation areas

See for yourself ...

  • Brielmaier Motormaeher - Produktvideo

    Brielmaier Duo 6 and 3.50 m on the mountainside

    Brielmaier's flagship, the Duo 6, in action on a mountainside. Also quite at home: The 3.50-m bar.

  • Brielmaier Motormaeher - Produktvideo

    The Brielmaier Duo 6 on a 112% slope

    Can you believe it? On 110 % slopes, the Duo 6 is the most stable mower ever! See for yourself...

  • Brielmaier Motormaeher - Produktvideo

    Brielmaier mower with four different mulchers

    Powerful mulchers: Various gauges and knife variants, perfect for road maintenance or undergrowth.

What our customers say

Speaking from practical experienc

  • bild_professor_schumacher.png
    «"... the best mowing technology you can imagine for fens and reed-grown areas.»

    Prof. Dr. rer. Nat. Wolfgang Schumacher, University of Bonn, Faculty "Ökologie der Kulturlandschaft, Geobotanik und Naturschutz" (Ecology of cultivated landscapes, geobotany, and environmental protection)