At home in the mountains - for more than 20 years

The core competence of Brielmaier motor mowers - right from the beginning. Our parallel construction with a low center of gravity, and the efficient mowing technique and up to 6 meters of mowing width back up our claim for market leadership.

Market leader in the Alpine area for single-axle mowers for mountainside applications. We've been winning comparative tests – and as for efficiency, ground conservation, and handling, our top model "Duo 6" beats even far more expensive tractors.

 Product videos

A picture is worth a thousand words ...... and a moving picture even more

  • Brielmaier Motormaeher - Produktvideo

    Brielmaier Duo 6 and 3.50 m on the mountainside

    Brielmaier's flagship, the Duo 6, in action on a mountainside. Also quite at home: The 3.50-m bar.

  • Brielmaier Motormaeher - Produktvideo

    The Brielmaier Duo 6 on a 112% slope

    Can you believe it? On 110 % slopes, the Duo 6 is the most stable mower ever! See for yourself...

  • Brielmaier Motormaeher - Produktvideo

    Brielmaier mower with four different mulchers

    Powerful mulchers: Various gauges and knife variants, perfect for road maintenance or undergrowth.

What others have to say about us

Customers and press

  • brielmaier-der-unangefochtene.jpg
    «Brielmaier – still unchallenged»

    Result of a comparative test of single-axle mowers of the "champions league for hillside jobs", carried out by the Austrian magazine "Der fortschrittliche Landwirt"

  • kantersieg-fuer-motormaeher.jpg
    «Motor mower wins hands-down»

    Result of a comparison of the Duo 6 with a much more expensive tractor, carried out by the Austrian magazine "Der fortschrittliche Landwirt"

  • portrait_testimonial_am_berg_pascal_kerle.png
    «We are convinced that there is a future for our concept, and that it will provoke some farmers to rethink their choice of machinery.»

    Conclusion of the same article in "Der fortschrittliche Landwirt"