Picture: The speaker Tobias Dahms from the University of Greifswald gave a lecture on the subject of bog management.

On Thursday, 19 September 2019, around 90 visitors to the "Open Landscape Day" could see how wet meadows and moors can be maintained with the latest technology - gently and highly efficient. A total of 15 machines with various attachments were installed by Brielmaier Motormäher in a protected landscape in Southern Germany near Aulendorf (Baden-Württemberg). The following machines and attachments were shown to the visitors:

  • Two-axle truck with balance beam
  • Self-propelled baler
  • Mowers:
    • 6 m DUO
    • 2,00 m
    • 2,60 m
    • 3,50 m
  • attachments
    • belt rake
    • comb side-delivery rake
    • multitwister
    • hay slider
    • bale fork


Vivid interest in cutting-edge technology

The guests - representatives of landscape conservation associations, environmental offices and authorities as well as service providers, dealers and customers - came from as far as the high north of Germany. Axel Müller (CDU), member of the Bundestag, also informed himself about the latest technology and opened the day with a speech on the highly actual topic of landscape conservation.

In a tent with a wooden floor, visitors listened to lectures on the management of moorland from 10 a.m. onwards. After lunch the machines were presented - the crowd of spectators could admire the machines in action on a 3ha wet area.

Our complete solution for moors and wetlands - smooth-running, environmentally friendly, efficient

Mowing, clearing, swathing - finally pressing the bales and using a baling press to bring the bales to the sting paths: All this is possible with Brielmaier motor mowers and their various attachments in one workflow

Thanks to the lightweight design of the motor mower and the extremely wide studded roller wheels, the weight is optimally transferred to the ground. With mowers up to six metres wide, even vast areas can be mown in record time. The mower is very easy to manoeuvre: This is ensured both by the optimised steering of the mower itself and by the technical finesse of the new attachments such as the comb-side delivery rakes.

The particularly gentle mowing counteracts the shrubbery of swampland in good time. The desired species diversity can thus be maintained and sprouting weeds can be specifically prevented. Landscape maintenance of wet surfaces with Brielmaier equipment is therefore efficient, environmentally friendly, ergonomic - and even fun!

Some pictures of the demonstration

Beim 'Tag der offenen Landschaft' 2019 im Naturschutzgebiet Haslacher Weiler bei Aulendorf/Baden-Württemberg wird eine Feuchtwiese mit einem Brielmaier Duo 6 gemäht

Mowing with the Duo 6

Ein Brielmaier Motormäher mit Kammschwader im Einsatz in der Landschaftspflege auf einer Feuchtwiese beim Tag der offenen Landschaft 2019

Swathing with the new comb-side delivery rake (on the right)

Eine Ballenpresse der Firma Brielmaier beim Tag der offenen Landschaft 2019 im Haslacher Weiler bei Aulendorf

Pressing with the baling press


Pick-up with the bale fork