Martin Brielmaier, founder and former CEO of Brielmaier, symbolically handing over the company to Rolf Schaffer, the CEO of Rapid

Photo: Martin Brielmaier (left) and Rolf Schaffner (right) see great potential for the future in the cooperation between Brielmaier and Rapid (Source: trade journal "Schweizer Landtechnik")


The Rapid Group, based in Killwangen, Switzerland, acquired a majority stake in Brielmaier on 1st July 2019.

Martin Brielmaier, the founder and former managing director of Brielmaier Motormäher GmbH, has decided to sell part of his company to Rapid AG in search of a suitable successor. The business relations between the two companies have existed for several years, as Rapid exclusively purchases the patented studded roller wheels from Brielmaier.

Takeover as independent brand represents opportunity for both companies

It was important to the two managing directors Martin Brielmaier and Rolf Schaffner that the corporate philosophies and the ideas for the future of both companies coincide. Both Martin Brielmaier and Rolf Schaffner see the takeover as a great opportunity for their companies and want to further expand the market together in the future.

Brielmaier Motormäher will remain an independent brand and will continue to produce at its sites in Friedrichshafen in the future. 

Brielmaier completes product range of Rapid

Brielmaier continues to focus on the development and manufacture of individually configurable broad-gauge mowers and accessories. The Brielmaier product range complements the Rapid range in mountain farming and offers useful additions, such as machines specially designed for use in sensitive wet grassland and in nature conservation.

The increasederg international presence will enable us to jointly expand our sales activities worldwide.